Can Cycling improve running performance ?

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Can Cycling improve running performance ?

The simple answer is yes, cycling can improve your running performance in a number of ways. Many runners turn to cycling after receiving an injury as a way to keep in shape whilst in recovery, when they eventually return back to running, they often notice a drastic improvement in their performance.


If you have turned to cycling after receiving an injury from running, you will be pleased to know that cycling actually increases the speed of recovery by quite a bit. Cycling allows you to work out without the impact force of running, which reduces the amount of stress on your hips, knees and ankles.


A quick bike ride improves blood flow in your legs, helps flush out lactate and reduce joint stiffness allowing your muscles to recover much quicker than if you just sat around waiting for them to heal.


Implementing cycling into your workout schedule between runs, will reduce the risk of getting injured as it will let your body recover.


Muscle building

When running you are building and improving a certain set of muscles (mainly your hamstring and calf muscles). These muscles will improve greatly when you first start running but will eventually plateau once you reach a certain point. 


Cycling builds a different set of muscles which complement the muscles you built whilst running. The muscles that cycling improve are your quads, glutes and core muscles which will give you more power in running allowing you to run faster, stronger and more efficiently.


What Workouts should you do?

Cycling in sprints intervals is a great way to improve your cadence as it forces your body to adapt quickly. Alternatively, long rides will improve your endurance and increase your cardio.


Where to start?

So you are interested in getting into cycling? you will first need to decide on what type of bike you want to get. Road, mountain and gravel bikes are the most popular, you can check out our range of bikes here.


Equipment such as gloves, bib shorts, lights and helmets are also very important for both safty and comfort reasons. we have a large range of accessorys and clothing on our website and in-store that are great quality and approved by cyclists.


Getting sized up correctly is important as it will allow you to ride comfortable and help you avoid getting injuries.


If you have the chance to pop into our store in Wolverhampton, we can size you up and help you chose the right bike and equipment for you! if you can't make it in, you can always shoot us an email or give us a call to speak with one of our staff members:



[email protected]




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